Jan 8, 2024Happy New Year, GraWü New Arrivals to Celebrate!

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by roland@living.wine

We wish you all a fantastic year 2024!

2023 was a challenging year, but also a year full of great wines and new fantastic collaborations, thanks to all our new partners! Looking ahead to 2024, we have a lot of amazing wines that will arrive, starting with some from GraWü in Alto Adige. We just received a shipment from them, and for the very first time, we’ll be able to showcase the full spectrum of the GraWü lineup (minus a few rare cuvées that have not made it beyond the borders of South Tyrol…)

Leila and Dominic from GraWü

GraWü is a boutique wine grower working with estate-grown vines from a bit less than 2 hectares in Naturns in the Venosta valley and a range of farmer partners from Alto Adige and Trentino. All vineyards are cultivated following organic, biodynamic or regenerative farming and this is not for the sake of having the logo on the bottle and a nice certificate but purely for the sake of having the best fruit and the peace of mind of not harming the planet.

Dominic’s winemaking is very rigorous and meticulous. Anybody having met him understand that there’s a lot of passion and love in the project but also a lot of thinking and discipline. Technical discussions can become endless, very animated and opinionated and we love that about working with him. He seeks to create clean and balanced wines with life and energy. Farming and winemaking are rather natural as that’s the only way one can achieve that goal of making “living wines”, systematically using some skin maceration for the white wines, never fining and filtering. Most of the wines are made in large wooden vessels that could be French or Slavonian oak or acacia.

The production is limited around 15 000 to 20 000 bottles a year. Here is a quick description of what is arriving in stock, that I like to separate in three categories:

The wines to put on your tables everyday

Lato Scuro, Lato Clara, Pinot Grigio Ramato.

These are the easier and simpler wines from GraWü. Usually younger, usually with shorter maceration and somehow simpler winemaking. Made with the goal of creating a satisfying highly drinkable wine that could be on every table every day.

The gastronomic and contemplative fine wines

Ambra, GTO, Chourmo, Pinot Nero.

These are more for special occasions. For a very special meal, or without a meal but simply to pair with a contemplative mood. These wines see longer aging, longer contact with skins and lees. Wines that often behave really well once open, and our advice is to open a bottle of each every week.

The “roots”, maverick wines for very special occasions

PN Roots, CH Roots, GT Roots.

These are the latest additions to the portfolio of GraWü. There’s no rule but these are typically single vineyard, long maceration, long aging, no-compromise winemaking, super small batch. For anybody knowing a bit the style GraWü leads toward, they are quintessential GraWü wines.

Quite a broad lineup, and we’re pretty sure that some of these would delight your customer and play well in your selection!