Mar 26, 2024Lelle ihr Wein! first US release!

modified a month ago
by Roland Benedetti

We're thrilled to announce the first US release of wines from Lelle ihr Wein!

The shipment we've been eagerly anticipating is here, reminding us that good things often require patience!

Lelle, aka Lena Maria Julier, is a young woman winemaker whose wines have captured our interest with their freshness and vitality. She's from the Pfalz region, and part of an emerging wave of German winemakers, transforming perceptions of German wines with low intervention, low SO2, unfiltered, unfined, and naturally organic practices.

Though Lelle is new to the scene with only a few vintages behind her, she's no stranger to winemaking. Raised in a winemaking family, Weingut Schmitzer-Julier, she shares her life with Nikolas Juretic, rising star winemaker from Collio, Italy, whom we're also proud to represent in the US. This sets the stage: Lelle is well-versed in wine, and she knows what she's doing!

Lelle sources her grapes from her parents' vineyards. Her emphasis on superior grape quality, a natural winemaking approach, and a patient demeanor allows her to create wines that distinguish themselves in the region. Her wines, though unique and fresh, diverge from the area's traditional offerings yet remain deeply connected to the unique terroir of Pfalz.

Like her life partner, her production is minute, totaling around 2000 bottles a year. Don't miss out!