Aug 17, 2023Living Wine August'drop

modified 8 months ago
by Roland Benedetti

Au menu of this month new arrival:

Cascina Corte - New Wine and Restock

We received wines from Cascina Corte in Dogliani, Piedmont. Restocking Riesling and Barbera and bringing in two new Dogliani (dolcetto).

In general, all wines are the typical 𝗖𝗮𝘀𝗰𝗶𝗻𝗮 𝗖𝗼𝗿𝘁𝗲 style: fresh and clean, light touch / low intervention in the cellar favoring drinkability, fruit and acidity over big extraction and barrel makeup. Classic, vibrant and super balanced.⁣

Not lying, these four wines are amazing value!⁣
We also still have a few bottles of the two Nebbiolos’ from Cascina Corteas well as the Freisa…😃.⁣

And still available, but getting very low:

Cellier de la Baraterie - Restock

We restocked the wines from Julien Viana at Cellier de la Baraterie, a classic of our portfolio, with three wines coming back: the Paroxysme 2020 that many of you know already. This Pinot Gamay Mondeuse blend is very hard to beat if you are after a yummy simple yet delicious light red with amazing value. Beside: the new vintage of the Jacquère direct-press from Julien as well as the new vintage of his Mondeuse from the Saint Jean de la Porte sub-appellation. 

Ploder Rosenberg - Restock

Cara just stocked out, Vivas is back! This beautiful aromatic skin fermented white wine from (mostly) hybrid grapes is the perfect summer delight. Very low ABV but packed with flavors and lifted by a very nice acidity.

GraWü - Restock

Most of you are familiar with GraWu, one of our historic producer. We received some cuvées that were getting short of stock.

Closing out on a few items

This year, we brought a few new winemakers. We also decided to discontinue the relationship with some as our focus has changed, but we still have a bit of wine we purchased from them. Here are some sweat deals, to help us finish the stock of these beautiful wines that we won’t be working with in the future.

Coming Next

Soon, we will be receiving more wine from some new and some familiar producers in our portfolio:

  • Garzol (Valtellina, Italy)

  • Nikolas (Collio, Italy/Slovenia)

  • Podere Sottoilnoce (Emilia Romagna, Italy)

  • Eric Thill (Jura, France)

  • Mas Lasta (Languedoc, France)


Stay tuned!