Dec 28, 2022Living Wine December 28 Newsletter

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‹— New Arrivals from Thibaud Capellaro —›

We’re expecting a very limited number of cases from Thibaud Capellaro to land in NYC: 10 cases of Terra 2021 Syrah, 10 cases of  a new estate wine - Pierre Taillée 2021 Syrah, and only 6 cases of La Canuse 2021, a thrilling blend of mostly Viognier with a small portion of Syrah. We wish we had more to share, as these wines will fly fast, but accounts do have the opportunity to reserve stock by pre-ordering today through! Upon your request, David will save and hold the wines for you.

Thibaud Capellaro (Slope) Terra 2021
100% SYRAH

Thibaud Capellaro (Slope) Pierre Taillée 2021
100% SYRAH

Thibaud Capellaro (Slope) La Canuse 2021

Thibaud Capellaro (Slope) Terra 2021 MAGS
100% SYRAH


Also, if curious about the 2022 vintage, don't miss Roland's vintage report from his visit to Thibaud last fall.

‹— In Stock! - Ploder-Rosenberg —›

Weingut Ploder-Rosenberg, one of the new additions to the Living Wine portfolio, are available!


Buyers have been waiting to load up on the PIWI-based wines from this forward-thinking producer - and we understand why. Incredibly tasty, biodynamic wines that shine a light on what the future of our industry might look like. Take a look at their profile on Living Wine’s website (powered by

Check Proder-Rosenberg Profile

‹— 2022 Bottle Highlights —›

These are some of the wines that defined 2022 for our company. Have you tasted them all? We’ve got a varying amount left of each product, so reach out if you’d like to schedule a tasting appointment in January! If you’re already a fan and want to stock up, give the ordering platform a shot!

Deux Punx 2021 White Blend
With a focus on smoky minerality and salinity, this enchantingly unique white shows a balance of yellow citrus and broader apple flavors. Great swish and clean acidity - so easy to drink!
$17.50/FL, $16.50/3 cases, $15.50/5 cases

T. Capellaro & E. Seignovert 2021 Ombre et Lumière
A mind bending wine, made with both white and red Rhone varieties. Instantly refreshing, with articulated red fruits and just a touch of zesty spice.
$22.00/FL, $21.00/3 cases

GraWü 2020 Chourmo
Orchard fruit on the nose and palate, plus sturdy structure and fantastic acidity. Skin-contact Chardonnay with just a dash of Pinot Bianco showcases the articulate style of Dominic Würst.
$26.00/FL, $25.00/3 cases

Montebruno 2012 Crawford-Beck Pinot Noir
Finessed and well-textured with delicious dark cherry and a dusting of snappy minerality. A one-of-a-kind Pinot Noir from the domestic wine legend, Joe Pedicini! And we're running low...
$27.00/FL, $26.00/5 cases

Abbazia San Giorgio 2020 BAT
This beats to its own drum, with a vibrant profile, fueling the juicy core of raspberry and pomegranate. Its crunchy texture adds charm to the overall experience.
$27.00/FL, $26.50/5 cases

Living Wine 2022 Bottle Highlight List

‹— 2023 will be the year of Savoie —›

Isn't she beautiful? La Savoyarde basking in an early-autumn sunset. We're predicting Savoie-fever this year!


We’ll be inbounding a new shipment of Julien Viana’s wines from Cellier de la Baraterie in January - many of you have tasted his classic expressions of Jacquère, Mondeuse, and Altesse, and his bottles of more esoteric grapes and blends. With his certified organic farming and low-intervention cellar techniques, he represents the future of the Combe de Savoie.


Also, so that you know, Living Wine will have the extreme honor of carrying cuvées from two of the rising star of Savoie, Adrien Berlioz (Cellier des Cray) and Maxime Dancoine (Domaine de l'Aitonnement) in the new year and will also re-stock on Celine Jacquet’s beautiful Mondeuses, Jacquère and Bergeron. Check out all the great Savoie wines we’ll be repping next year!

‹— Full Steam Ahead! —›

2022 was a big year at Living Wine, but 2023 is shaping up to be even bigger! With our growing portfolio of producers, we’re gearing up to share our enthusiasm for craft wine with retailers and restaurants all over New York. If you’re an established account with us, thank you for the business over the past 12 months, and if you’re a new client, we’re looking forward to working with you!