Sep 2, 2019Living Wine is Carbon Neutral

modified a year ago

We love natural wine first and foremost because we love wine. We are committed to bringing you small-scale artisanal wines made from organic and biodynamic grapes grown in harmony with the earth. We are not interested in industrial wines. All the wines we import are made using processes that revere both the nature of the fruit and nature in general.

Yet, while these wines are created in a manner respectful of the environment and with care for future generations, in order to bring wines from Europe to the US, we create an inevitable carbon footprint. All importers do. The wine is shipped by truck from the winery, and then is loaded on fossil fuel-run cargo ships. Then there are more trucks, temperature-controlled warehouses and more fuel being burned to deliver the door to door. And then, of course, there are the flights across the ocean when we go scout new wines, the energy we use to heat and cool our office, the electricity needed for lights and computers et al.

Wanting to be responsible for our impact on the environment and be in alignment with the principles upon which our company was founded, on August 20, 2019, we committed to having Living Wine become “carbon neutral.” We subscribed to, calculated our yearly footprint, and made a payment that is equivalent to the carbon we will emit in one year of running our business. The money we donated goes to the protection of forests and reforestation programs around the world.

We hope other importers and distributors in the wine world will do the same.

Living Wine