Apr 20, 2021New Arrival from Cellier de la Baraterie

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We are finally about to receive our new shipment from Cellier de la Baraterie, after almost three Months of cargo shipping turmoil…!

If you don’t know this domaine, it’s a relatively young one (2014 was Julien’s first vintage) created by Julien Viana in the village of Cruet, in Savoie. Julien is a young, first-generation vintner who decided early in his life to jump into this adventure, as he was only 22 when releasing his first vintage. His approach: organic farming, natural fermentation, simple aging in neutral vessels (microfiber or stainless steel) to make simple, honest, and delicious wines that are all about the fruit. In terms of winemaking, he is using almost no additives. Only small doses of SO2 are added to the wines before bottling. Read on here if you want to know a bit more about Julien’s domaine.

Here are the wines that will soon arrive in our warehouse

Jacquère Cruet 2020 (dry white wine)

This is a new wine for us to import. It is a very approachable young Jacquère, fresh and precise. From a vineyard on the stress of the Massif des Bauges, in Cruet. Natural fermentation and a short elevage in stainless steel on its lees. Perfect for aperitifs and simple seafood appetizers, best on freshly opened oysters, even better watching the Ocean.

Roussette de Savoie 2018 (dry white wine)

Another new cru for us. This Roussette de Savoie is a wine from Altesse grapes (as Roussette means…) grown on the foot of the Chateau de la Rive. All about fruit here, it shows well the particularities of the variety: orchard fruits, pear, quince, round and friendly. An excellent aperitif wine too but can also be a fantastic companion for some local soft cheeses.

Paroxysme 2018 (dry still red wine)

This wine had a lot of success in our previous shipments. A super juicy blend of Pinot Noir, Gamay, and Mondeuse. The result: a thirst wine that does not forget to offer a spicy finish that keeps calling for another glass. Just perfect with outdoor salads, cold cuts, grilling of sausages, or other simple produces, regional or not.

Mondeuse Saint-Jean de la Porte 2018

We brought back our favorite of Julien’s Monndeuse. We’re not the only one as it recurringly gets good ratings from La Revue du Vin de France. An all-natural Mondeuse that shows an aerial, fruity, light and elegant experience, a side of the Mondeuse variety too often forgotten, hidden by heavier extraction, elevage or even chaptalization.

Blanc de Tradition – Brut Nature (dry sparkling white wine)

Last but not least, Julien was kind enough to save for us some of his sparkling “Blanc de Tradition”. A “méthode traditionnelle” made with no dosage, from 100% of Jacquère grapes. The wine stays 3 years sur lattes before being disgorged. Its natural profile makes it super joyful, slightly cloudy, and would remind many of a PetNat.

Wines are about to arrive at the port and will be available in a couple of weeks maximum. A good thing about this shipment: it’s the first one we’ve received since Tariffs has been paused (dare I say “removed”?), so we’ll be able to sell them at a much better price point. This being said, quantities are very limited; like with all the winemakers we represent, don’t hesitate to pre-order; it might go fast. 


chateau de la rive

The Vineyard of the Roussette de Savoie in November 2019