Feb 12, 2024Our Valentine's Selection

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by roland@living.wine

Let me guess.

Valentine's Day is in two days, and you're not sure you're at your best yet to take on the massive flow of love that will blow across New York restaurants, bars, and wine stores.


We can help!


Here's our Valentine's selection, and if you are fast, you can get some delivered by tomorrow and be much better equipped for the love storm.


Wanna delight your guests, take their romance to the next step, and, let's be honest, move more wine and make some good numbers? Here are our suggestions:


Champagne Legret & Fils Equilibre

If there was only one wine for Valentine's Day, it would have to be Champagne!

Well, this Extra Brut is excellent + fantastic value, a crowd-pleaser that anybody in the world would love to sip. A blend of Pinot Noir, Meunier, and Chardonnay from Legret & Fils, a 5-hectare organic small grower Champagne estate.

Equilibre is their most accessible Champagne, one that will satisfy the most dedicated wine geeks as much as the poor folks who have little experience but sipping some Korbel …

Podere Sottoilnoce Valtiberia

From the land of Lambrusco, with love but no Lambrusco. This is a white sparkler made in the region of the red ones. Emilia-Romagna has so much more to offer than the red frizzante.

This wine is a Methode Traditionelle made totally naturally; it's a blend of Trebbiano di Spagna and Trebbiano di Modena. It combines a broad, round, comfortable palate with striking acidity and extended depth.

Surprising and unusual, yet immediately a classic perfect for the day.

Casa Caterina Cuvee 60 rosée

Another rosé from méthode traditionnelle, this time from the Franciacorta region in Italy, yet unclassified.

For the better or for the worse, Franciacorta is often referred to as the Champagne of Italy. Here, it is for the best.

This rosé is just a delight. The Delbono brothers have pioneered artisanal natural winemaking in Franciacorta, and their wines show so much more life and energy than the average Franciacorta. Five years on lees, brut nature, natural fermentation, and low SO2.

Dry but with a very comfortable, round profile, it is a rich, broad, yet strikingly dry rosé sparkler that will also please anybody and pair with more decadent food options.

GraWü Pinot Grigio (Ramato)

Valentine's Day could not be only about bubbles, so here is our choice for a still wine.

The newly arrived 2022 Pinot Grigio from GraWü, a stunner! GraWü connaisseur know their ramato, and here the same technique occurs, 5 days skin contact and then a year of aging in large slavonian neutral oak.

But god this 2022 was great! This wine has more juice than ever, while having very balance and pleasant bitters and also a very delicate mouthfeel. By far the best vintage we ever had of that cuvée. Perfect for such a night!

Champagne Legret Rosé Corolle

This selection should start and finish with Champagne! So here our other option for Champagne this Wednesday. The alter ego of the Legret Equilibre in rosé… but as a blended Champagne Rosé.

A bright orange color with copper highlights revealing lively fine bubbles. Rosé brings notes of strawberry, rhubarb, pink grapefruit, and blood orange to the game.

Another super balanced Champagne from this tiny estate in Côte des Blancs. Can't get wrong with this option!

Cheers to love!