Aug 4, 2023Spring release from Thibaud Capellaro (and friends...)

modified 9 months ago
by Roland Benedetti

Excited to welcome Thibaud Capellaro’s spring releases, the wines just crossed the Atlantic.

We eagerly wait for Thibaud’s new releases every year, maybe more than from any other grower, because every year with is him different. So we waited, excited, like when we were waiting for the new album of our favorite bands when we were teenagers and finally wines are arriving!

I'll be showing these wines in a week or two, we are also happy to take pre-orders from our good customers to make sure they'll have some. Message me if interested, to pencil a date on the calendar or to preorder. See below for more info on the release.

Thibaud in his new cellar - Raj Parr approved... (📸 Raj Parr)

This year was no exception in terms of novelty, rather the opposite, as there’s much to unpack in that 2022. Thibaud has been very busy making new cuvée of his own and launching the Juicy Squad project with his friends and partners Bertrand Lutaud (restaurateur in Geneva - - you don't want to miss to eat there if in or close to Geneva!) and Vincent Martinat (engineer in renewable energy in Houston). And once again, new cool labels across the board.

We can’t wait to taste these in NY with you. So here is what arrived in and for NY: