Jun 20, 2023Vins de Copains

modified 10 months ago
by Roland Benedetti

You might know or have heard, or tasted wines from Maxime Dancoine or Guillaume Lavie. If this doesn’t ring a bell, Maxime Dancoine is a grower in Aïton, Savoie, making fantastic wines under his estate called Domaine de l’Aitonnement. Great wines of fantastic precision, very small production, authentic organic farming, for a rather high-end positioning, literally pulling the winemaking in Savoie to new heights, together with a few other young winemakers. You can find these wines in Living Wine portfolio. Guillaume Lavie has been also making amazing wines at Les vins de la vie, a project which saw him working in Bugey, then Savoie (where he met Maxime) and now in Muscadet country! You can find his wines I believe in Camille Rivière’s portfolio.

It could have been called "Vins de Copains" Max (left) and Guillaume.

Well these two wanted to produce simpler and more approachable, everyday wines while still sharing the same attention when it comes to farming and winemaking: organic farming, low intervention and environmentally friendly processes.

And that’s what Des vins d’Envie is: a collaboration, a side project where they make yummy wines, which might be simpler but are just as delicious and pleasing to our palates while fitting the budgets for everyday drinking.

Well, we just received a drop of these in NY, and started selling them. Still a very small batch here, but we hope in the future to bring some more. For now, check it out and be aware that we started selling and they’re going fast. If interested, please reach out quickly, as people who have already tasted them are ordering quantities.. Below are notes on the three wines we received, including quantities at the time I’m writing this.

La Grande Jacquère, a typical Jacquère from the Alpine slopes of Savoie. Zippy as hell, high energy, brings the entire citrus family to your palate, yet showing a super nice structure. Naturally, native yeast, low intervention, relatively short ageing in stainless steel.

Des vins d'envie | La grande Jacquere 2021 | 750ml


La grande Jacquere

Type : White Still Wine

Appellation : AOP Vin-de-Savoie

Region : France > Savoie

Grapes : Jacquère

Status : in_stock (60 Bottles)

Croire au Yeti (“believing in the Yeti”), the infamous Alpine blend, Pinot, Gamay, Mondeuse that you can find in Cellier de la Baraterie’s Paroxysme, Pierre et Marie Curtet’s and Jacques Maillet’s Autrement as well as Raj Parr’ own version of Autrement. Probably our favorite blend these days. This one is a joy of red berries singing in your mouth. Fresh and soft, yet juicy, Burgundy and non-carbonic Beaujolais are not far…

Des vins d'envie | Croire au Yeti 2019 | 750ml


Croire au Yeti

Type : Red Still Wine

Appellation : AOP Vin-de-Savoie

Region : France > Savoie

Grapes : Gamay, Mondeuse, Pinot Noir

Status : in_stock (144 Bottles)

And finally Cap Au Sud, (“direction South”) a wine made from fruits from partners and friends’ vineyards in the South of France in Luberon, Corbière and Ardeche. This one is not lying either. A bomb of fruit, the Grenache and Merlot are not hiding in disguise here and the Carignan also brings its unique profile.

Des vins d'envie | Cap au Sud 2020 | 750ml


Cap au Sud

Type : Red Still Wine

Appellation : Vin de France

Region :

Grapes : Syrah, Grenache, Merlot, Carignan

Status : in_stock (356 Bottles)

On another note, we yet have many other new wines arriving so I’ll be in touch soon. 

Meanwhile, be sure to hit https://living.wine where you can see all our available wines, prices, as well as our stock.