Find Our Wines

As an importer, we cannot directly sell our wines to consumers. If you are a consumer, you'll have to buy them from one of our customers.

Online, we are thankful to have a partner customer offering the full range of Living Wine's selection as part of an online wine club. You can visit and order from the store here:

  • Living Wine Club: - Online NY, NJ, PN, CT.

You can find our wines in many other places. Here are some of the customers we work with.

New York City Restaurants and wine bars

New York City Wine Stores

New York State Restaurants

New York State Wine Store

State Distributors

  • Here after, Arizona

  • Franklin Selection, Tenessee

  • Bear Island, South Carolina

  • Archetyp Alpine Wine, Oregon

  • Honest Makers, Florida

Online Retailers

  • Archetyp Alpine Wine, Oregon