Casa Caterina

Italy > Lombardy

Casa Caterina


Italy > Lombardy


Chardonnay, Pinot Nero, Pinot Meunier




7 ha

practicing organic farming (not certified), practicing biodynamic farming (not certified)

Casa Caterina is a small winery run by the Del Bono family in Monticelli Brusati in Franciacorta. The presence of the Del Bono family in Monticelli Brusati is documented in the notarial registers of the Olivetan abbey of Rodengo Saiano since the 12th century.

The Del Bonos have always been workers of the land, never "Gentlemen". Sacrifices and hard work are written in their chromosomes. Today the two brothers Aurelio and Emilio are committed to producing wines of the best quality while keeping a familial approach. They named the company after their mother, Caterina, not forgetting their father Francesco, who both always continued to help them in the work in the vineyard.

Casa Caterina's geographical location is excellent: the seven hectares are divided between the areas of Gaina, Colombaia and Persaga, among the most suitable in all of eastern Franciacorta. Great exposure, "strong" lands, considerable slopes. The House's production is very limited, painstakingly cared for and offered with a rare elegance, and the zero-dosage wines have a very long maturation on the lees (some of their cuvées can wait more than 10 years on lees before being disgorged). Despite being in Franciacorta, the Del Bono brothers have renounced the DOCG and have set up their company in respect of nature, following the biodynamic agriculture method. The first wine produced with this method was ready in 2004.

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