Dec 8, 2021Happy to welcome a first shipment of Cantina Giara in NYC

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We are so excited for the latest addition to Living Wine’s portfolio. The wines just arrived and here is a quick message to tell about them. Please feel free to enquire!

Cantina Giara is located in a magical corner of Puglia, one of southern Italy’s most interesting (and lesser known in the US) winemaking regions. Giorgio Nicassio’s family has been making wine on this beautiful land since his grandfather started the winery. This tradition is now kept alive and flourishing by Giorgio, who has dedicated his passion to making living, vibrant natural wines that are an uncompromising expression of terroir and of his vision. Giorgio’s unflinching and loving focus is on tending to traditional local varieties and guiding them towards becoming unforgettable wines: these include Primitivo, Verdeca, Malvasia, Greco, Fiano and Moscatello Selvatico. 

Cicaleccio 2020: 50% Fiano di Puglia, 50% Falanghina

Native yeast, unfiltered and unfined, this wine is the result of Giorgio’s philosophy who believes spontaneous fermentation is the best way to obtain the right complexity of aromas in his wines. 

The aromas of hazelnut rose and ripe fruit makes this a wonderful aperitif wine.

Mons-Roni Caannitum 2020: 70% Verdeca, 20% Malvasia and 10% Moscatello Selvatico

Back in time, there were two villages, Montrone and Canneto and they were rivals. Later, they were joined and turned into a single town called Adelfia, from the Greek adelphos, which means “brotherhood”. Mons-Roni Cannitum was born with this ancient feud in mind, and with the idea of creating a wine that would unite the two towns in an ideal hug

This skin-contact wine has a nice amber color, aromas of flowers and apricot, a pleasant, fresh and well-balanced taste.

Fatalita’ 2020: 100% Malvasia

Sometimes the best results are obtained by sheer chance. Unpredictable events may cause situations that can lead to unexpected results. Fatalita’ was born as a one-time experiment and the result was so good that it has since then become one of Cantina Giara’s most loved wines.The amber color, the intense and complex aroma, the original and well-structured taste: these characteristics make Fatalita’ delicate, with a flavor of aromatic herbs with musky and floral notes.

Rosme’ 2020: 100% Primitivo

From the name of the owner’s daughter, Rose Mary, Rosmé is a rosé wine obtained from spontaneous fermentation with its indigenous yeasts and a brief contact of the “Mosto Fiore” with the skins of Primitivo di Gioia del Colle grapes.

Rosmé presents itself in the mouth with an extremely elegant taste, a dry and pleasantly fresh flavor; to the velvety and fruity nose, it reserves an enveloping and delicate aromatic complexity.

Primordio 2019: 100% Primitivo

From a selection of “Primitivo di Gioia del Colle” grapes comes the primitivo Primordio obtained with the sun, the earth and Giorgio’s passion, in strict respect for the environment. 

Well structured, with soft tannins, intense ruby red color tending to purple, quite pronounced varietal aromas: all elements that make Primordio a full, warm wine, with a fruity aftertaste and a delicate hint of spices.